Requirements needed to rent a car:

  • Minimum age 21 years;
  • valid driver’s license at least two year.


1) The Sicilia Rent a Car Company know as “Locatore” Locator gives the owner the vehicle that, if not indicated differently on page 1, has a full gasoil tank (the car has to be given back with the same quantity of gasoil, or an amount has to be paid for the part of the missing gasoil and a gasoil service, with the general conditions at the  moment of the renting, that includes the stop triangle, an emergency jacket, tools and all necessary documents included which is the certificate of the insurance and other accessories indicated on page. The locator renting the vehicle, knows that it is in the best condition, maintenance and is able to be ready to be used and has dotations upper indicated.

2) The locator has to refund the company in the sum spent for repairing broken parts of the vehicle and justified with a regular invoice invoiced to the owner of the vehicle and the fiscal dates can be found on page 1 of the present contract of renting. The locator guarantees that against civil responsibility of the person who rents or of any other person authorized of driving the vehicle, there is an insurance policy that provides other guarantees for damage or harm to people, objects, animals. The lessee declares, accepts and respects conditions of the same policy.


3) The client is obligated to conduct of vehicle and to custody with all the ordinary maintenance, greasing, control of levels of lubrification, the oil of the brokes and the cooling liquid to proceed offering of any violation committed during the renting period and of refunding the locator of any other charges, and to keep the locator informed of whatever reason given for damage to third, caused by whoever is transported in the rented vehicle. The lessee knows to not be intitled to any right of the vehicle.

4) The client should not allow others to drive or use the car  a) in a state different of Italy, France, Germany, Spein, Partugal, Andorre, Vatican City, San Marino, Principato di Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norvay, Finland, Liechtenstein, Gibilterra, Corsica, England, Ireland, Luxenburg where the grenn card is not valid or where there are political disorder or war;  b) the transport of people or objects; c) racing competitions; d) high velocity; e) for a purpose against the law; f) if it is a person who uses false personal identity and returning the vehicle. The client is obligated to not allow in  any way and in any case that the vehicle is driven by people under the age of 21 or more than 75 years old or a person without a driving license in the state (place) where the vehicle is driven. In every case the lessee has to observe in an intelligent way the laws provided by the street driving codes.

5) The customer takes note of the deductibles established by category (A-City car) with a deductible equal to Euro 750.00 + VAT in the event of an accident wrongly (with the involvement of other means) while for the groups (BCDE) Euro 950, 00 + VAT in the event of an accident wrongly (with the involvement of other means). Excess of € 1050.00 + VAT in case of theft and fire for the categories (A-City car) while for the categories (B-C-D-E) in case of theft the deductible is equal to € 1250.00 + VAT

In case of full casko insurance, all the listed franchises  are cancelled, with the exception that the accident is caused by the driver without the involvement of a  third-party;  in this case the customer must compensate for the caused damage. In case of theft and fire caused by the negligence of the customer, he must compensate for the damage.

6) The lessee must pay the renting agent for whatever reason that happens to the car. The responsibility of the client is limited to the immunity given in case of accident, established by rates that declares that has been taken vision of, at the moment of the present contract, so if there is damage that happens without violation of any obligations assumed by contract or without fault. In every case of accident without collision with another vehicle the lessor must pay the renting agent all the damage of the car and to the other substitution as indicated in the present contract.

Every other damage  caused to the vehicle must be all payed by the lessee; always that this one proves that the damage is a fortuitous case to majeure forces. In every case the tires can’t be summed, to the bottom of the vehicle, the internal tapestry  and the lost of documents and keys of the car. Therefore, the lessee must  pay the whole price of the immunity established for every single vehicle before the beginning of the renting as a caution. This import will be given back at the end of the renting period if the vehicle is given back whole without damage. In case of accident the lessee will pay for the damage of the vehicle and therefore an import based on our rates equal to the amount established if the renting went on until the period equal to the time for the repairing (that period will be established on the list of the ANIA in vigor on the moment of the delivery. The amount that would have been done if the renting would go on in a period equal at the time necessary for the repairing (that period will be determined using the list ANIA at the moment of the delivery).

7) Therefore if an accident happens the lessee is obligated to a) inform quickly by phone or in another way the locator telling him before 24 hours after the accident a detailed relation complicated on the inclosed  paper with the documents of the vehicle (model CAI); b) inform the nearest police station and release a copy of what happened which should be sent before 24 hours of the accident; c) to fill the “friendly declaration of the accident” (model CAI) in all the parts with signatures of persons who drove during the accident, taking note of the name and address of both of other witnesses, the driving plate number of all the vehicles included and of the relative information of insurance; d) to give the lessor any other helpful news; e) to follow instructions of the locator will give about where to repair the vehicle. In case that the lessee did not present the “friendly declaration” of the accident completed in all the parts with police relation, the lessee remains responsible  of all the damage, and has to pay the damage and the official rates equal to the due if the renting period is equal to the time of the repairing (that period is determinate based on the list ANIA in vigor at the moment of the delivery. The lessee has to pay all damage in case of accident even if potentially active, if he doesn’t communicate all dates of the other person: n. of driving license of the drive, type and driving plate number, number of assurance policy, expires, etc.

The lessee must give back the vehicle and the keys on the date of the first hour present on the renting contract and therefore as soon as the locator asks for it, with same accessories and the same state that it was when received. Therefore if the vehicle is not given back to the locator on date established, the locator can take possess of the vehicle in whatever moment an in any way, even against the lessee and must pay all the charge, if the locator in this case will not have any responsibility and whatever objects of the lessee has left in the vehicle.

9) The lessee has to correspond to the locator, with a request of a kilometer  rate and the rate in time (specified on page 1, points 31/03of the renting notice) the rate given therefore in a different place decided. The taxes in vigor of the closing of the contract, the sum necessary to put the original level of the gasoil, therefore with special rate provided for damage of the vehicle, and covers fire and robbery of the personal assurance, airport charges( if request), charges of circulation of the vehicle, and for gasoil services if established. The kilometer rate is determined  through the lecture of kilometer counter. The lessee has to control periodically that the kilometer counter works and must let the locator know immediately the defects of function I that case. Therefore, instructions will be given. If at the moment of  given the vehicle back the kilometer counter is  touched in any way or doesn’t work correctly, the kilometer rate will be based on a 250 kilometer daily. Every time a rate must be measured with a daily rate number. The term “day” defines period of 24 hours fraction, that starts at the moment the vehicle is given for renting. For all renting that begin at an airport there will be a charge calculated on percentage to the whole renting sum, included on extras and excluding the gasoil and taxes. If the lessee leaves the vehicle in a different place of the beginning of the renting with authorization at the renting station there will be a supplement of payment based on the current rate.

10) Who stipulates the location or name for others, responds to the observing of all the obligations contained on the renting paper. The lessee responds to actions of who drives the vehicle.

11) In case of robbery or fire of the vehicle the lessee is obligated to denounce the fact to the police authority and to give the locator the authentic copy of the denounce. In that case, renting  must be until the date given of the copy of the denounce of the established rate of the beginning of the renting to the official rate in vigor and with the total of the full tank.

12) The receipt will  be given only when asked for at the moment of the subscription of the renting contract and if given all the necessary information.

13) Exoneration, exclusion, various dispute: the locator is not responsible for the lessee or for whoever causes damages of any type, included an economic point of view to people or in case of rupture, robbery, fire, accidents, earthquakes, wars or other cases. The objects left inside the vehicle intends left or forgotten and the locator is not responsible in keeping and given back the objects.

14) The locator authorized the lessee to drive the vehicle abroad (see art. 4 of the general condition) of temporary regime, excluding countries, where there is the slot of war and political disorders.

15) No Modification may be made on the present General Conditions.

16) The full payment of the renting is due at the moment of giving back the vehicle and the present contract. At the end of the time established of renting, the locator is authorized to give note to the sum for interest of the official annual tax plus 5 points, save payment of majeure damages, starting from the date of the renting contract.

17) Vandal acts: all the damage caused by vandalism during the period that the vehicle is rented have to be payed by the lessee.

18) The Italian text of the present General Conditions prevails, in case of difference of the English text, cause it should express the exact wills of the parts.

19) The lessee for the whole period of the renting continues to the act 1341 and 1342 cc therefore for the cause of the lessee ex art. 1469 bis and ss. l. c. substitute of the art. 33 d.lg.vo 206/05 declares to pick home for the whole period of the renting period in the place of renting until all the competence of all the guarded validity, the interpretation of the resolving of the renting contract will be devolved to the “foro of Trapani”.


For the renting of motorcycles it is an obligation that the lessee and to the eventual passenger or conductor puts on the protective helmet,  for defects when stopped by police and there will be a sequestration the lessee will have to pay the total amount of the sequestration.

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